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Three Pathways to Get Anywhere, 2015
A book of experimental non-fiction on travel and cities in East Asia. Published by Rough Beast.


Mehr! Theater Hamburg, F101 Architekten, 2012-2015
Built Project. Part of the Grossmarkt in Hamburg is converted into a multi-use hall.


Berlin: A Morphology of Walls, 2010-2014
A book of research about the walls of Berlin and their architectural traces. Published by Archive Books.


Professional Portfolio at SMAQ, 2010-2012
Looking at the city as inclusive to infrastructural and landscape contexts and their everyday usages, SMAQ’s approach to design is based on a concept of continuity in urbanism, landscape, architecture and interior.


Broken Kilometers, 2012
An installation made for an experimental exhibition / dance party titled "The Destructibles."


All My Cities, 2009-2010
My Fulbright project investigating youth perspectives in post-apartheid Johannesburg, South Africa.


High Bridge Artists' Circus, 2010
This project is a competition entry for an Arts Facility on the High Bridge Aqueduct, which connects Manhattan to the Bronx. It takes the premise of a circus, a seasonal event which creates heightened activity in a city.


The Other Side of the Moon, 2009
A small competition entry to "rethink playgrounds" for use by multiple generations - the concept is an evening based illuminated lunar landscape.


Campus for the Languages of South Africa, Thesis 2009
Transforming the urban space of Johannesburg by subverting an apartheid-era court house with a campus for languages.


Intersections, Fall Semester 2008
Drawing studies of people, movement, and the cityscape.


Proto Urban Campus, Spring Semester 2008
An interdisciplinary Campus tests new ideas for education on the site of Columbia University's expansion in West Harlem.


Urban Case Study at Lincoln Center, Fall Semester 2007
Lincoln Center in New York is understood as an abstract landscape that could resonate the endless structure of the city.


Self Portraits, Fall Semester 2006
Photographic exploration of my interactions with the city.


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