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Professional Practice
Kleihues+Kleihues, 2013-present
F101 Architekten, 2013-2015
SMAQ Architecture | Urbanism | Research, 2010-2013

Education and Research
Fulbright Research Grant to South Africa, 2009-2010
Cooper Union School of Architecture, Professional Bachelors Degree, New York, USA, 2004-2009
Congress-Bundestag Vocational Scholarship to Germany, 2003-2004

"Three Pathways to Get Anywhere (Except When There is a Dead End)" published by Rough Beast, 2015
"Berlin: A Morphology of Walls" published by Archive Books, 2014

"The Built Event of Architectural Education" in Trial and Error, 2016
"Here Comes Trouble: An Inquiry into Art, Magic and Madness as Deviant Knowledge" editor for Alex Head, 2016
"The Paradox of Observing as a Role" in When Paradox Holds Power, 2015
"Drawing out Intellectual Property" in The Anxious Prop, Case 5, 2013
"Walking The Fortification of Berlin" in rePLACE BERLIN, 2011
"Analysis of the barricades during the 'Berliner Märzrevolution'" in The Anxious Prop, Case 4, 2011
"Obstacles" in the African Cities Reader, edition II: Mobilities and Fixtures, 2011

"Off the Record" Happening with Alex Head, Neue Berliner Räume and Berlin Project Space Festival, 2016
"A night with ff" at Haus am Lützowplatz, performance with Sonja Hornung, 2015
"Berlin Unlimited" at Z/KU, Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin, spatial installation performance, 2014
"AXP: Case 5" Lehrter Siebzehn, Design and Construction of Alternative Conference Arrangements, 2013 "The Oracle" at The Wand in Berlin, performance in a group exhibition, 2013
"Measurements without Numbers" at Staycation in Berlin, performance, 2013
"Take Care of Your Square" in Prague, group public space installation, 2013
"The Destructibles" at The Wand in Berlin, experiential installation, 2012
"Snowball Effect" at Kaleidoskop Artforum in Berlin, group exhibition, 2011
"AXP: Case 4" Stadtbad Wedding, Design and Construction of Alternative Conference Arrangements, 2011 "Bauen, Denken, Wohnen - Building, Dwelling, Thinking", smartloft apt&art in Berlin, drawing installation, 2011
“La Crèche” exhibition coordinator for Berliner Kunstsalon 07, Berlin, 2010
“All My Cities” at the Bus Factory and AZA2010 Architecture Festival in Johannesburg, exhibition, 2010
"Arch Schools: Visions of the Future", Center for Architecture in New York City, exhibited Thesis work, 2009
"End of the Year Show" at Cooper Union, coordination/building of student exhibitions, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Scholarships & Awards
Five-Year Full Tuition Scholarship to the Cooper Union, New York City, 2004-2009
Ismar David Scholarship, 2008-2009
AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Merit, for excellence in the study of Architecture at Cooper Union, 2009
Peter Bruder Memorial Prize, for excellence in the study of Structures at Cooper Union, 2009
Lotos Foundation, Burt L. Stern Award, for excellence in the field of Architecture, 2009
AIA Brooklyn Scholarship for Achievement in Architectural Design, 2007-2008
John Q. Hejduk Scholarship, 2005-2006
New York Society of Architects, Fred L. Liebman Book Award, 2005
Congress-Bundestag Vocational One-Year Youth Exchange Scholarship to Germany, 2003-2004

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