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I'm an architect, artist and urban researcher currently based in Berlin. I graduated from the Cooper Union School of Architecture in New York City in 2009. My work ranges from small scale experiments to installations and publication oriented research projects. I've also worked in architecture and urban planning offices in Europe and the USA. I like to think about things like Walter de Maria's Vertical Kilometer, Alain Robbe-Grillet's Jealousy, Affonso Reidy's Museum for Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, and the Katsura imperial villa, near Kyoto, Japan.



Selected Projects:


Bravos Foundry, 2018
Ongoing renovation of an historic finca into a para-academic space in Galicia, Spain. read more >



Three Pathways to Get Anywhere, 2015
A book of experimental non-fiction on travel and cities in East Asia. Published by Rough Beast. read more >



Mehr! Theater Hamburg, F101 Architekten, 2012-2015
Built Project. Part of the Grossmarkt in Hamburg is converted into a multi-use hall. read more >



Berlin: A Morphology of Walls, 2010-2014
A book of research about the walls of Berlin and their architectural traces. Published by Archive Books. read more >



Broken Kilometers, 2012
An installation made for an experimental exhibition / dance party titled "The Destructibles." read more >



All My Cities, 2009-2010
My Fulbright project investigating youth perspectives in post-apartheid Johannesburg, South Africa. read more >

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